Water Street Brewing in Port Townsend, WA
What a long STRANGE trip it's been...

10th Annual Strange Brewfest January 24-25, 2014

Drum roll please...and throw in a funky rhythm section too!

As voted on with your tokens, the winners are...
  • Third Place: Triplehorn

  • Second Place: Alpenfire

  • First Place: 7 Seas
As voted on by ballot, the winner of the Strangest Brew goes to...

7 Bloody Seas!

Thanks to all of the breweries and cideries for making this such a great celebration! And thanks to all of you beer enthusiasts who made the trek!

See you next year, January 23 & 24, 2015!

Disclaimer Alert! - This year's Strange Brewfest is not a tribute to an iconic 60's jam band. And there certainly won't be any Dead cover bands performing for your inner flower child to spin, hula hoop, or fire dance to. But that doesn't mean hippies are discouraged.

In fact, our tendencies lean towards the hippy disposition. It's all but a forgone conclusion that we will hug a Sugar Magnolia sometime between now and January 24th.

So, why the inconsistent logo? First we say 'NO' to dead cover bands. Then we say 'YES', we've got a hippy vibe.

Well fellow Strange Brewvians, after 10 year's of partying down with y'all, we opted for a logo and a theme that best represents our head space leading up to a decade of celebration....GRATEFUL!

For being the Casey Jones to our Train, we offer our sincerest GRATITUDE to the brewers and breweries; to the musicians and entertainers; to countless volunteers and supporters; and most importantly to our patrons! THANK YOU!

With that said, for those of you who've been to Stange Brewfest before, you know that this is a celebration of uniquely crafted brews from 30+ breweries and cideries from around our region. Most of the offerings from our friends will only be available at this festival. And most of those will challenge your taste buds, and their sensibilities. Also, if you've been to Strange Brewfest in year's past, you know that this celebration is always accompanied by a heavy dose of FUNK. We're talking, a HEAVY DOSE! This year, the music will blow your mind! You will shake it down on Shakedown Street!

Strange Brewfest details:

Where: American Legion Hall, Port Townsend
When: Friday, January 24th, 5pm-Midnight, Saturday, January 25th, 1pm-Midnight
What: Wildly entertaining Brew Festival with amazing music and entertainment
How: $30 gets you a souvenir tasting glass, 4 tasting tokens, and a wristband to get you in for both days. Additional tasting tokens $1.50
Vitals: This is a 21 and over event. No dogs, sorry!

We hope to see you in January!

Bring It, Hippies!